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Our Services

Our services include sanitary, civil, environmental (public health) engineering and mechanical engineering as it relates to Environmental Services.


Remedial design of septic on-site treatment systems

Reengineering of existing on-site waste water system that may develop problems with the septic tank or soakaway. Percolation tests. Design of leach field (drain field) for disposal of septic-tank effluent. Water reuse for noncommercial greenery and non-edible crops.


environment impact assessments (e.i.a.'S)

Carry out assessments of the likely human environmental health impact, risk to ecological health, and changes to nature’s services that a project may have. These assessments are to ensure that decision-makers consider environmental impacts before deciding whether to proceed with new projects.


pollution/environmental quality

Carrying out of all physical, chemical and biological tests to determine spring, riverine, and marine ecosystems quality.


mechanical evaluations

Determining the technical status of all mechanical, electromechanical and hydromechanical and hydro pneumatic systems, to ultimately determine their mechanical value. Financial institutions use the data to fund and/or refinance light and heavy equipment, and projects in general.


plumbing networks

When you have a plumbing emergency, you don’t have any time to waste. You need a plumber immediately. We are the professionals who assemble, install, and repair pipes, fittings, and fixtures that carry water and gas according to plumbing codes and specifications. They work with piping systems, install sinks, tubs, and other kitchen fixtures and bathroom fixtures. We also give plumbing estimates, do general maintenance, and can work on waste disposal systems. In new construction, we will follow the blueprint and work as a subcontractor for your contractor. The pipes we work with can be made of copper, glass, lead, plastic, ceramic, cast iron, or steel. New construction plumbing may be checked by the building inspector, but on home repair or home renovation it is even more essential to get good references and find the right plumbing company.


aquaculture ponds

Today’s sophisticated fish farming procedures demand a more manageable, controlled environment that can be achieved by an unpredictable unlined pond. As fish hatcheries respond to the increased demand for edible fish, synthetic pond liners are being used to provide better control, increased production and decreased maintenance liner, not covered with soil, the pond operator can control the chemical and biological condition of the pond, and thus reduce chances of diseased and other imbalance in the aquaculture environment. We are the specialist in the field for Pond Design, Operation and Management.


master planning

Our approach identifies future needs and provides for growth planning. Through population/load projections, field testing, system modeling and treatment planning, the process results in a capital improvement plan (CIP) that serves as an outline for necessary projects. We also maintain a wide range of modeling software packages to accomodate our clients. We partnet with consultants across the Caribbean to deliver high-quality consultancy services to clients and communities around the World. Operating in all key areas of social and physical infrastructure, we provide innovative solutions and services across the life of a project from conceptualization to social services.


water and wastewater treatment systems, Operator training and certification

We design unit operation steps for the treatment trains of all types of water and wasterwater systems. We also carry out training for plant operator certification, and carry out basic math refresher courses to prepare operators for certification exams. Training in water auditing, conservation, retrofitting, and water reuse.


irrigation & pumping stations

Design/installation, repair, routine and preventive maintenance, retrofitting and upgrade of landscape irrigation: micro irrigation and drip irrigation systems. Sprinkle and trickle agro-irrigation systems. We design/size pumps to perform the required duty for forced systems.


water and wastewater testing

When water/wastewater systems become unbalanced, resulting in short-term water quality issues, corrosion, or other operational problems, we provide a number of water quality solutions to improve system functionality. Groundwater rule planning, water quality modeling, nitrification investigation, water quality assessments, water age management, regulatory assistance, alternative disinfection, etc.


swimming pool/spa design and installation

Design, supervision of construction, plumbing of spas and swimming pools. Maintaining healthy, clean pool and spas, diagnose and eliminate common water problems. Making repairs to the pumps, filter and heaters.


pilot plant studies

The term ‘pilot studies’ refers to mini versions of a full-scall study (also called ‘feasibility’ studies), as well as the specific pre-testing of a particular research instrument such as a questionnaire or interview schedule. Pilot studies are a crucial element of a good study design. Conducting a pilot study does not guarantee success. Pilot studies fulfil a range of important functions and can provide valuable insights for other researchers. These studies we do with miniature plants in both water and wastewater.


Storm drainage systems

We design all types of storm drain, storm sewer, surface water drain/sewer, or storm water drain. These are designed to drain excess rain and ground water from impervious surfaces such as paved streets, car parks, parking lots, footpaths, sidewalks, and roofs. In residential subdivisions, the correct design of these storm water drains are very important for the overall success of the development.


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